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I just tried out for the musical. Came at 7, had to wait in the hall until 8:45 before I actually auditioned. Standing around... waiting... with people way better than you for such a long period of time is rather damaging to your confidence. -_-; I feel this heavy sense of anxiety, even though I honestly wouldn't be very disappointed if I didn't make it in. AHHH. Doesn't help that I'm catching a cold. Thanks, universe.


Should study for bio test tomorrow, but it's probably not gonna happen.
Is this song about a crossdresser? hahaha... I can't really tell.

Well anyway, I'm writing my mortgage report finally! but I'm kinda stuck at a part so I have to wait until my parents get home to explain it to me. So in the meantime I'm updating. I feel so much better today. =D Despite my being aggravated, but that's just from the report.

Last night... I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean with my dad but I kinda got lost/confused/tired so I didn't finish it. There was so much... ship hopping and guns flaring, etc. I can't really stand any action, because if I don't pay REALLY close attention, my mind starts drifting. Yeah, not really the fault of the movie, more like the fault of me. (no, I'm not trying to be emo saying that, lol)

This morning... I was flipping the channels and stumbled upon one of those preacher shows that are oh so rampant on Sunday mornings. It was so disturbing and hilarious at the same time. The guy wasn't shouting. He was screaming. "I respect the president, but... ALLAH IS NOT THE SAME GOD IN THE BIBLE! WE CANNOT SAVE IRAQ UNLESS WE BANISH ISLAM! ISLAM IS DEMONIC! THE ONLY GOD IS JESUS CHRIST! BURN YOUR REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC CARDS!" Hm, yeah, my laugh for the morning.

I also listened to my Evanescence CD this morning; I haven't listened to that in such a long time. I realize I don't really like them anymore but some of their songs are still good. Like Imaginary. ^_^ Oh, I've come upon a new revelation- "Haunted" is about VAMPIRES. yes yes. It makes so much sense. =P

Woo... no school tomorrow! But play practice. Stupid Brigadoon. Maybe if the love story didn't repulse me it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe if Mrs. Halupka wasn't so afraid of offending anyone by "hunters" and death and alcohol it wouldn't be so bad. But I can't really know that for sure. I'd probably find something else to complain about because that is in my nature. ^_^;

End=random thoughts.


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